Breck’s story has been a simple one: Dream it. Work it. Realize it.  Be prepared to relish the experience of munching a different version of Oreilles de Cochon while sipping an Ole Black Water. Be pleased to watch your chef create your meal to the tunes of Breck’s favorite music. You’ll never be bored at Breck’s Bistro & Pasta Bar. Whether you choose to sit in the patio, the bar, the dining room or the chef’s table, you will be treated as if you are an invited guest, because you are.
At Breck's, we serve what we also like to eat- GOOD FOOD. Breck has created recipes that are proven taste pleasers, but if you are the creative type and want a breadless Panini or a pasta combination not on our menu, please let us know. Your chef will be delighted to give you the dish you desire. So if you pine for a pinch more parmesan or a smidgen less garlic, want to also, skip the bowtie and insert the Penne`, it shall be as you wish.


                                  Waitr Inc.  
Phone: 225.389.6597
Address: 3930 Burbank Drive, Ste F - Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Hours: 11-10 Tu-Fr, 8-10 Sat (new Sat Bunch 8-12), 11-3 for Sunday Brunch