Soup du Jour...$5.30  Cup $8.30 Bowl 

Baked Marinara...$8.90

Creamy feta cheese nestled in a bowl of zesty marinara sauce and served with crispy pita.

Crawfish Bread...$12.90
Plump crawfish tails, red peppers, green onions and mixed cheeses stuffed into garlic French loaf and baked to golden brown.

Fried Green Napoleon...$12.90
A tower of pan seared green tomatoes layered with spicy tasso, plump shrimp and provolone cheese. Topped off with seasoned cream sauce and fresh parsley.

Crab Cakes....$16.90
Lump crab meat, combined with herbs and spices and pan fried to golden. Drizzled with Dijon Aioli.

Quattro Chips....
Our in-house kettle chips layered with smooth cheese sauce, Provolone, Parmesan and bleu cheese. Choice of:
Plain $7.90 
Topped with Breck’s Barbeque Chicken $11.90 
Topped with seasoned crab meat $15.90 

Bombshells $9.90      Half Order  $5.30

Rich cream cheese and Pepper Jack mixed with Tasso, green onions, and garlic stuffed in shell pasta and deep fried with a side of sweet & spicy aioli. 


Dante’s Level Six Banging Shrimp....$11.99

Breaded fried shrimp tossed in Breck’s sweet and heat sauce on a bed of lettuce and topped with sesame seeds and pepper flakes. 



Catering & Tailgate Pans Available
For Most Items - Call for Details!

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