Salad Bowl Selection

Backup Buffalo Tail Salad....$13.30
Lightly fried crawfish coated in Buffalo sauce on a combination of carrots, tomatoes, blue cheese and spring mix. Served with cool Ranch dressing.

Blackened Redfish Salad ....$15.30
Redfish blackened to perfection on a bed of Romaine and chopped pecan and Balsamic vinaigrette.

Ponchatoula Salad Bowl....$10.90
Fresh strawberries, pecans, applewood bacon and red onions tossed with spinach. Garnished with creamy Feta and served with berry vinaigrette. Topped with your choice of Grilled Tuna $7 Grilled Shrimp $6 Grilled Chicken $4

Baja Chicken Bowl....$12.90
Seasoned chicken sautéed with bell peppers, red onions, black beans and corn-relish served on a bed of mixed greens and topped with Cheddar and green onions with a side of chipotle Ranch dressing.

Parmesan Chicken Bowl....$12.90
Fresh Romaine topped with crispy chicken breast, Roma tomatoes, grated Provolone and Parmesan cheese. Garnished with basil ribbons and side of creamy Ranch.Topped with your choice of Grilled Tuna $7 Grilled Shrimp $6 Grilled Chicken $4

Carolina Chicken Bowl....$12.90
Lettuce mix topped with Parmesan chicken breast, red onions, grated cheese mix, pecans, bacon, tomatoes with a side of our honey mustard.

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